Le Truc’s Construction in Full Swing! (posted by Blake Tally)

le truc construction is in full swing!  Hugh and I spent the first part of this week working hand-in-hand with our manufacturer, Armenco, down in LA.  Armenco is one of the premier custom truck builders on the West Coast and we are confident that the truck is going to look amazing when completed.  Imagine our grand opening at the Eat Real Street Food Festival – 34 box van taco trucks with our beautiful bus looming over them.  Which food truck would entice you more?

Armenco is currently installing the sub-frame to support all of the kitchen equipment.  The interior skeleton, built out of steel tube, is required as the exterior skin of the truck is not designed to sustain the weight that we are adding to the frame.  This is a time consuming project but they are making great strides and hope to be able to start installing the steam table, refrigerators, fryer and griddle early next week.  Royal Range is supplying the equipment and through a partnership with Hugh have designed a professional grade series that is specifically designed for street food trucks – an industry first.

We also met with Albert Lara, one of LA’s premier custom interior installers, who showed us leather samples and a few mock-ups of what the interior will look like.  The finish out in our truck is going to be a mixture of wood and leather with flame-treated copper walls and brass accents.  le truc will be different than any other vehicle currently operating in our industry as we have interior seating to promote our customers’ ability to interact personally with our executive chef in a beautifully designed space.

We also met with our lead programmer, Jonathan Ibera, regarding our customer facing POS system.  The system that we are creating will allow our customers to quickly and efficiently order from either a touch-screen mounted to the side of the truck or from their mobile phones or personal computer.  This system will allow us to access neighboring consumers without having to move the vehicle to a new location.  The touch screen design, spearheaded by graphic design guru Bryan Pape of Red 11 Designs, is progressing quickly towards a finished product and looks amazing.

Stay tuned for more blog posts.  We look forward to seeing all of you at our Grand Opening August 27th-29th at Oakland’s Eat Real Street Food Festival!





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